Hackers, Virus Developers to abolish computer, mobile attacks!

By Rachid Elaafer
April 18. 2015 4:39PM
TECH TALK: Hackers, virus developers to abolish computer, mobile device attacks

Hackers and virus developers have declared they will abolish computer and mobile device attacks? Wow!

Business owners and computer users no longer should worry about, viruses, spywares and cybercrime damaging or stealing confidential information from their devices.

Since, it’s April…well, April Fools!!!

Seriously, securing your computer is something you should never want to fool around with. At this time of the year, I highly recommend taking a closer look at your computer and mobile security to ensure that you never fall into the hands of hackers, because you neglected to invest in securing your devices.

You may believe the data stored on computer or mobile device is secured or irrelevant to someone to use or try to gain access to. “You don’t know what you don’t know,” I am pretty sure you heard the phrase before. The basic information about you like your name and address is worth money for marketing companies.

Unfortunately, we treat our computers and mobile devices the same way we do with our cars, home appliances, etc. We don’t maintain them on a regular basis or have them checked by professional until it breaks or stops working.

Sometimes we forget to change the oil in our cars until after the due date, but it’s not a big deal, right?

Your system or handheld devices are more important, they contain information about you, your family and your business, whether you realize it or not. When it comes to your computers and mobile devices, you need to have them checked on a regular basis, and yes it cost a little more but identity theft, and not knowing if someone has your info and using it outweighs the cost.

Let’s face it, you either going to “pay now” and have your devices secured and maintained or “pay later” when you have a real problem and most often too late.

What most of us don’t realize is that when your computer or mobile device is infected or hacked, you can certainly have it cleaned up and fixed, BUT what was stolen (the electronic information) from it will not be brought back and worse, you don’t know who has it and where.

Technology has become so complex to develop but so easy to use in the eye of a consumer. Just like medications, the medicines you couldn’t get before without a prescription is readily available now over the counter, but the side effect of using some of the medicines isn’t discovered ‘till years later, when people become ill.

Just to name few: Loss of hearing and eyesight due to high definition graphics, amplified sounds (kids with headsets every day), strong radio waves from Wi-Fi and mobile devices, lack of social skills (101) addiction to cell phones and games. However, the benefits gained are undeniable as well.

Similarly to technology, the cool and advance technology we used see in movies are now in the market, but some of the side effects are still unknown or hasn’t been published. The impact of technology on our social, mental, physical and environmental health can be devastating if we don’t check ourselves.

— Rachid Elaafer is the owner of IT Solutions Provider LLC in Medford Square.


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