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Issue #11 | November 2023

Welcome to the November edition of Cybersecurity TechTalkSMB, your trusted source for the latest updates on cybersecurity threats, trends, and best practices. In this issue, we’ll cover recent cyberattacks, emerging threats, and offer insights into protecting your business.

In This Issue

Featured Cyberattack: Ransomware Hits Bank of Canton, Clorox: Cleaning Products, and Las Vegas MGM Resorts and Hotels Sector

Security Best Practices: Securing Remote Work Environments

Expert’s Corner: Live discussion on Cyberattacks 6pm Tuesday the 7th

TechTalkSMB: Weekly News and Tips


  1. Featured Cyberattack: Ransomware Strikes Financial Institute, Retail, and Hotels Sector

This sector has recently been a prime target for cybercriminals. Multiple incidents have involved infiltration attacks on banks, cleaning products, and hotels, jeopardizing customer data, critical systems, and operations. These attacks highlight the need for robust security measures, timely backups, and user training to prevent and respond to ransomware threats.


  1. Security Best Practices: Securing Remote Work Environments

As remote work becomes essential in many organizations, ensuring the security of remote work environments is vital. Implementing robust VPNs, multifactor authentication, and secure collaboration tools is essential to protect data and network integrity. Regular security training and awareness programs are also vital to educate remote workers about the latest threats and best practices.


  1. Expert’s Corner: Go Live @TechTalkSMB Instagram 11/7/2023

We will be live on Tuesday, to discuss and answers from Small Business owners and managers about the evolving threat landscape and the importance of proactive threat intelligence. Mr. Rachid Elaafer valuable insights into threat detection, risk assessment, and the significance of keeping cybersecurity strategies up to date.


  1. TechTalkSMB: Weekly News and Tips

Learn about ever-changing threat landscape is critical for effective cybersecurity, can help organizations Protect, collect, analyze, and disseminate threat data. In this edition, @TechTalkSMB we highlight top TIPs and their key features to aid small businesses to stay ahead of cyber threats.


Stay Safe in the Digital Realm!


This month’s Cybersecurity @TechTalkSMB. As cyber threat continues to evolve, stay informed and vigilant. Implement the best security practices, keep your systems up to date, and invest in the right tools with the right Managed IT Service Providers, to protect your business.


Please feel free to reach out with any feedback or suggestions for future topics. Until next month, stay cyber-secure!


Best regards,


Rachid Elaafer

Professor/Guest Speaker/Columnist/CIO

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